What is Reloved Chalk Paint powder?

Reloved Chalk Paint Powder mixes with ordinary water based (acrylic) paint to create an authentic chalk paint that bonds to virtually all surfaces without the need for an undercoat. Reloved Chalk Paint Powder contains a unique blend of chalk & clay, all natural, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients. We are committed to making the world a better place by creating natural, non-toxic products that are safe for everyone.

For eco-friendly painting, mix Reloved Chalk Paint Powder with no-VOC paint.

Not only is it lower cost than pre-mixed chalk paint, it is minimal prep, distresses beautifully, dries to a soft matte finish, you can mix as little or as much as needed with no waste, and you can create an abundance of colours.
So many versatile looks can be achieved – shabby chic, antiqued, smooth and modern, or old and chippy.

Our products are ideal for first-time DIY-ers, seasoned professionals, and those who want the satisfaction of aesthetic quality and the reassurance of eco-friendly. Reloved offers the ingredients for you to create your own specialty decorative chalk paint that not only is affordable, versatile, it is easy-to-use. We want to inspire you to discover your own creative power. Have fun! Experiment. There are no limits to what you can create!

Join the chalk paint revolution.

Our Story
Reloved Chalk Paint Powder came about with the need for affordable quality chalk paint, and has grown rapidly from there. The owner and creator Donna Ingram is fortunate to have a love of science, through this the formula was made. Reloved is based in Dunedin, New Zealand, where Donna  shares these sentiments “warning – this paint can cause an addiction; you’ll want to paint everything that is in your home, and more!”. That is exactly how it all started. A product she uses on a daily basis, slowly painting her way around her home, when she is not perusing second hand stores. And where she now is simply sharing the love.